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kiamalibrary Then and now. Shoalhaven Street Kiama. fb.me/5l2seF3K2
06:10AM Oct 28
kiamalibrary 100 years ago today, Australia's first referendum on conscription fails. pic.twitter.com/uwKKKlIM6D
10:39PM Oct 27
kiamalibrary British actor and comedian John "Fawlty Towers" Cleese was born today in 1939. pic.twitter.com/PUaCEfdunb
10:24PM Oct 26
kiamalibrary Reported today in 1886, problems with the tramway engine to be delivered to Kiama Council. pic.twitter.com/u3bmeYw4nJ
10:39PM Oct 25
kiamalibrary We are celebrating Grandparents Day at our storytime at Kiama Library. It starts at 10.30am for toddlers and... fb.me/88M0pH4xR
10:27PM Oct 25
kiamalibrary Reported today in 1860, some youth of Jamberoo brought before Kiama Court charged with playing cricket on a Sunday. pic.twitter.com/cNc4NU8Z5s
10:36PM Oct 24
kiamalibrary Reported today in 1886, light being installed in new Kiama Lighthouse. pic.twitter.com/EcyPpuBnwW
10:29PM Oct 24
  • Local History Articles

    • Gerringong Library History

      Gerringong Library History

      In April 1874 Gerringong Council voted to establish a free library in Gerringong since the one in...

    • Farming


      The countryside around the Kiama region is synonymous with dairy farming although there were many...

    • Foxground


      Foxground was originally known as "The Flying Foxes Camping Ground". It is a scenic valley, north...

    • Gerringong


      The official spelling of Gerringong was established in 1857 with the development of a town centre...

    • Gerringong Speedway

      Gerringong Speedway

      The first motor vehicle to ever pass through Kiama was 11 August 1902. Although the driver was on...

    • Jamberoo


      The cedar getters were the first white people in the Jamberoo Valley, coming in as early as 1810,...

    • Kiama; A brief history

      Kiama; A brief history

      Picturesque Kiama is known for the rolling green hills and dairy farms. Before settlement the area was...

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