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kiamalibrary Cara Whyte, local author/singer/songwriter, will be at Kiama Library on Wednesday 31st May at our regular... fb.me/8HuUQAgX9
07:10AM May 26
kiamalibrary Today Kiama Library is 'Casual for a Cause'! We are raising money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. fb.me/17u7gNmrr
04:11AM May 26
kiamalibrary It is now less than TWO WEEKS till the start of our HSC Help program at Kiama Library. If you are, or know, a... fb.me/8icgoDsUe
05:14AM May 25
kiamalibrary fb.me/I6Xa5wBn
06:26AM May 24
kiamalibrary Today is National Library Technicians' Day - providing the opportunity for library technicians to promote ALIA,... fb.me/5u08P6KeA
02:04AM May 23
kiamalibrary WWI History OnThisDay: Local soldier William Vidler was born in 1882. He became a POW, and returned to Australia 4 May 1919.
05:00AM May 22
kiamalibrary Do your reading trends match the rest of Australia? Topping the list of 'most borrowed Australian books' was... fb.me/HqgU8Udv
12:12AM May 22
  • Local History Articles

    • Red cedar

      Red cedar

      Red cedar (Toona ciliata) was known as red gold amongst the first Europeans who ventured into the...

    • Kiama; A brief history

      Kiama; A brief history

      Picturesque Kiama is known for the rolling green hills and dairy farms. Before settlement the area was...

    • Kiama Harbour

      Kiama Harbour

      Kiama Harbour has always been important to the growth and development of the region. The...

    • Holiday Fun

      Holiday Fun

      In November 1887, people gathered to watch Charles Jackson known as the ‘Australian Blondin’...

    • The Kiama Jazz Club

      The Kiama Jazz Club

      When listening to records just wasn’t good enough, a group of friends under the inspiration of...

    • Gerringong Soldiers' Memorial Hall

      Gerringong Soldiers' Memorial Hall

      The Gerringong Soldiers' Memorial Hall history is interesting and a rich source of military...

    • American Fleet visits Kiama

      American Fleet visits Kiama

      On the 1st August 1908 a committee made up from the councils of Gerringong, Jamberoo and Kiama and...

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