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kiamalibrary Kate Forsyth was on ABC Radio yesterday in Conversation with Richard Fidler! Why not hear her in person, 2pm... fb.me/1dJb9uils
06:56AM Jul 20
kiamalibrary Enjoy an afternoon with the Australian writer, entertainer, broadcaster, humourist, songwriter and historian Jim... fb.me/6x4rQHqNk
06:54AM Jul 20
kiamalibrary The first Magistrates Court was opened at Kiama on 6 February 1844. Presiding were Jame Mackay Gray of Omega and... fb.me/7oaJjrUxk
06:05AM Jul 20
kiamalibrary When the hearthfire turns to blue, What to do? What to do? Run outside. Run and hide. When your bright sword... fb.me/1hewzmcWe
06:56AM Jul 18
kiamalibrary We recently had the lovely Cara Whyte Music at our Wednesday morning story times. Tomorrow we're starting off the... fb.me/vj0ZhR1X
05:44AM Jul 18
kiamalibrary Yes you can take the steps to Kiama Library. Keep going up for a great view from our tower. Or you can use our... fb.me/8IUDDVGiO
01:09AM Jul 15
kiamalibrary Free pens, and free information on alcohol and drugs for 'Know Your Standards' right now in the middle of Kiama... fb.me/1ygk8EEc9
01:08AM Jul 14
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