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kiamalibrary "Old & New" Boneyard Bombo Jetty....c.1880s, 1977, 2008
05:30AM Jan 20
kiamalibrary "Old & New" view of Pheasants Point & the Harbour exit....c.1880's, 1977, 2008
05:30AM Jan 19
kiamalibrary "Old & New" New Pikes Cutting (near the Fire Station) ......c.1880s, 1977, 2008
05:30AM Jan 18
kiamalibrary "Old & New" Kiama Independent office on Shoalhaven St....c.1943, 2008
05:30AM Jan 17
kiamalibrary School holiday events @kiamalibrary continue, with Macrame Butterfly craft on this morning! If you didn't get... fb.me/8WWyjUcLP
10:45PM Jan 16
kiamalibrary Can you guess this week's Shakespeare play? "In sooth, I know not why I am so sad: It wearies me; you say it... fb.me/8U0Nf4xNu
06:16AM Jan 16
kiamalibrary "Old & New" the ANZ Bank building on Manning St. Now used by Kiama Council....c.1886, 1977, 2008
05:33AM Jan 16
  • Local History Articles

    • Hospital and health services

      Hospital and health services

      One of the first medical doctors in the Kiama area was Dr Menzies, who arrived in Australia in...

    • Eureka Quarry Tragedy

      Eureka Quarry Tragedy

      In April 2006, amongst the rugged landscape of an old quarry site, now the home of Kiama Leisure...

    • Sporting History

      Sporting History

      From the very early days of settlement, sport has played an important part in community life in...

    • Holiday Fun

      Holiday Fun

      In November 1887, people gathered to watch Charles Jackson known as the ‘Australian Blondin’...

    • Kiama Show

      Kiama Show

      One of the Municipality’s residents remembers having to walk the family show cattle to town from...

    • The Kiama Jazz Club

      The Kiama Jazz Club

      When listening to records just wasn’t good enough, a group of friends under the inspiration of...

    • Gerringong Hotels

      Gerringong Hotels

      Although the Governor in January 1846, ‘was pleased to declare Jerringong, Kiama and Dapto places...

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