People of the Book

people-of-the-bookby Geraldine Brooks

First question was ‘where is the Book kept?’ The next comment was how useful internet searches had been in researching the author, which perhaps reflects the quality most admired in this book – without question, all agreed the research was brilliant. The characterisation was thought not quite so excellent, but was considered much better than the author’s previous novels.

This led to; journalists seem more passionate about process than people? Other comments included; ‘Hannah grounds the reader’ – ‘this author is far better in the transition from journalist to novelist than other’s we have read’ - lots of interest in the ‘the woman in saffron’ character and praise for the author’s ability to ‘tie up loose ends’. Possibly the best part of the entire morning was the evolvement of an informed and sympathetic discussion on human rights. People of the Book tends to evoke that kind of response!